Youth Inc.

Program History:

Under a trust designated in the will of J. Edward Meyers, a former president of the Board of Education and Mayor of Minneapolis, funds were made available and are now administered by a Board of Trustees known as Youth Incorporated. The Board provides money to assist Minneapolis Public School students with problems related to reading.

Target Students:

Minneapolis Public School students in grades grades K-9 who have demonstrated difficulty with reading.


A team of school staff (such as SST or a grade level team) should meet and determine whether or not the student will benefit from the support of a reading tutor funded by Youth Incorporated dollars. The student must have reading difficulties and may not be served through special education. The eligible student must have a reading score on either state tests or other standardized assessment between the 10% and 40%.

Referral procedures:

After a team determines that a particular student could benefit from tutoring services and meets eligibility criteria, a Youth Incorporated Application for Services form must be completed and sent to the Youth Incorporated coordinator. Referrals will be accepted starting the third week of the new school year. The school social worker is expected to facilitate referrals, help organize tutor schedules, and sign all service report forms before they are sent to the Youth Incorporated coordinator.

Tutor expectations/procedures:

Tutoring contracts are allocated for 30 hours per eligible student. The length of each tutoring session should not exceed one hour. For younger students, tutoring is most effective when scheduled for 30-45 minute increments. In order for tutors to get paid for tutoring beyond one hour per session, the school social worker should seek prior approval from the Youth Incorporated coordinator. Tutoring must occur on school grounds where the child attends school during typical hours of school building use. Tutoring may be conducted before or after school, on school grounds, at a time determined appropriate by the team. It is the school social worker’s responsibility to find the tutor(s), facilitate referrals, and sign every service report submitted for payment. Tutors could be an educational assistant or teacher working outside of their normal duty day, a retired teacher or EA, or a parent or other community person who has the appropriate skills to work with and tutor children.

Activities that are not appropriate for Youth Incorporated funding include: tutoring students in other subject areas, attending student field trips or assisting in a classroom in a general manner. Youth Incorporated will only reimburse direct instruction/tutoring in the area of reading for specifically designated students. Processing of a specific report may be delayed until the question related to appropriate activities and/or scheduling are addressed if such concerns arise.

Youth Incorporated tutors are independent contractors. The classroom/reading teacher(s) provides the primary reading instruction while Youth Incorporated tutors provide supplemental reading support/instruction based on individual student needs. As independent contractors, Youth Incorporated tutors have the flexibility in selecting and using a wide variety of reading materials that are provided by the school and/or tutor.

Rate of Pay:

Tutors will be paid $18.00 per hour. Occasionally tutors elect to tutor two Youth Incorporated students together. Tutors will get paid $18.00 per hour regardless of whether students are tutored individually or with another student, and the time for such sessions should be divided equally between the two students’ service report forms. Service report forms should be submitted monthly and minutes should be recorded to the nearest quarter hour. Service report forms received by the Youth Incorporated coordinator after the last day of school for students in June may not be processed until August of that same year. Payment is made through Youth Incorporated and not through Minneapolis Public Schools.

Books for Youth Incorporated students:

Youth Incorporated will reimburse tutors or schools for purchase of one book, up to $10.00 per book, for each student who receives Youth Incorporated tutoring. Submit receipt(s) along with a Book Reimbursement form to the coordinator and checks will be sent directly to the tutor of building as specified.

It is the intention of Youth Incorporated that this program be flexible and easily accessible to students. If you have questions, please call the Youth Inc. Coordinator, Jennifer Frisbie at .